Assisi – Deruta (Via Amerina)

Descrizione della tappa

From Assisi to Deruta (km 23)

Road surface: asphalt
Walking time: 6 hrs
Level of difficulty: easy

Starting from the center of Assisi (from any given place; Piazza del Comune, St. Rufino, St. Chiara, Sacro Convento, St. Damiano) head towards the Church of St. Pietro (we recommend a visit of this church, also taking into account the final destination of the pilgrimage) and then leave the city by Porta San Pietro (St. Peter Gate) (7). Crossed the square (meeting point for tour buses and underground car park), take the stairs that go down to the so-called “bricked road”, the reconstruction of the paved road that went from Assisi to the Porziuncola and follow it to the Basilica of St. Maria degli Angeli (9). On the further side of the large square in front of the church, cross the main road at the roundabout and take Via San Bernardino da Siena, straight up to Tordandrea (10). Cross the town (taking Via della Porziuncula and Via del Santo Patrono) at the first intersection you can see a chapel (St. Rocco and St. Antonio), turn right on Via St. Simeone, and continue in open countryside. At the first crossroads (11), turn left on Via Ose, continue on Via Torte and merge with SP404 (via Assisi) just two hundred meters before the bridge over the river Topino, continue until you reach Passaggio di Bettona (12).

At the roundabout in front of the church of the Madonna del Ponte you go right to Signoria di Torgiano along SP403, continue towards Torgiano to the junction Pontenuovo-Deruta (13), turn left onto the SP400 to Pontenuovo (14) and continue for Deruta (15).

Note: you can avoid approximately 3.5 km of SP403 between Passaggio and Signoria, turning right (at the second roundabout from the church of the Madonna del Ponte, approximately 500 mt) on via Ponte di Ferro and then taking Via Salceto. This road connects with SP403 in the vicinity of Signoria.

From Deruta to Assisi (km 23)
From Deruta (15) take the old Via Tiberina for Pontenuovo (14) and continue straight for Torgiano. Once at the crossroads of Torgiano (13), do not enter the town but turn right towards Bettona. Once in Signoria do not go to Bettona, but continue along the flat road towards Passaggio di Bettona (12). When you have reached the unmistakable silhouette of the modern church of the Madonna del Ponte (with an image of Christ), turn left and cross the bridge over the river Topino. Shortly after you leave the busy street and turn into via Torte and later in via Ose. At the crossroads with via St. Simeone (11) take to the right, towards

Tordandrea (10) and reach it near a sacred shrine dedicated to St. Rocco and St. Antonio. Once you have crossed the town, go along Via del Santo Patrono, via the Porziuncula and Via San Bernardino da Siena and arrive at St. Maria degli Angeli (9). To get to Assisi take the “bricked road” to Porta St. Pietro (7).