Cesi – Terni

Descrizione della tappa

Final leg. It takes place mostly on a flat road. Highlights of the day are the Sanctuary of Santa Maria dell’Oro ( St. Mary of the Gold) where St. Bernardino of Siena wanted to build the ancient Franciscan convent. The Church of St. Antonio, also called “The Anthonian Protomartyrs’ Sanctuary”, is the final destination of our pilgrimage. It enshrines the relics of our saints. Paintings by Piero Casentini adorn the altar.

The trail is well marked, but you can download gps coordinates from the website www.camminoprotomartiri.it

Historic Centre of Terni – birthplace of Saint Valentine
Town Hall
Basilica of San Valentino
Church of Sant’Antonio – Shrine of the Franciscan Protomartyrs
Church of San Francesco
Church of San Salvatore
Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta – Duomo
Church of Santa Maria dell’Oro
Marmore Waterfalls
CAOS – Contemporay Art Museum – Archeological Museum – Cultural and Recreation services
Diocesan Museum