3. Colfiorito – Muccia

Stage description

ROAD: 8,2 KM
TRACK: 5,15 KM
PATH: 5,45 KM

Starting from Colfiorito you proceed along the Via Plestia. Once you reach the Church of Plestia carry on to the village of Taverne, beyond which a paved road runs for about 3 km, crossing the high plateau until arriving at Fonte delle Mattinate. Turn right along a dirt road 50 meters before the main road which is closed to vehicles by a barrier, then follow the right hand bank of the river Chienti. The trail climbs up to top of a hill where there is a crossroads of gravel roads. Take the left hand road down to where a path on the left winds down steep hairpin bends towards Serravalle di Chienti. Once through the village you reach the next village of Bavareto along the road that runs parallel to the highway. From here the path follows the river to a small hydroelectric plant where you cross the river along the top of a small dam. You then pass under the highway bridge and continue along a dirt road to the hamlet of Lower Gelagna. The trail continues for approximately 1.2 km after which you cross a Romanesque bridge and continue along the dirt road that climbs up to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Col dei Venti (2,2 km.) From the Sanctuary walk down a steep path to the village of Muccia.