2. Foligno – Colfiorito

Stage description

ROAD: 9,81 KM
TRACK: 9,54 KM
PATH: 6,05 KM

From Foligno’s Bridge of Liberation we follow the path in a North-Easterly direction along the left bank of the Topino river and after 800 meters follow the bike path along the river. Passing under the bridge over the SS3, continue keeping to the right until you reach the Via Antonio Allegri. Turn right for about 450 meters until house number 11, which is on your right. There you take a right again along a path that joins a dirt road until you first reach the Via Donato Bramante and then the Via Scanzano. Cross the river on the bridge and following the S.P. 449 you enter the village of Scanzano Vescia to then turn right on the Via dei Frantoi. The road continues towards Belfiore along the Via del Molino and the Via Borgaccio and then continues uphill along the Via Altolina to reach Belfiore, taking the path on the right along the Belfiore valley, famous for its waterfalls. The trail winds its tortuous way uphill before entering the town of Pale: from the square of the Fountain turn left for 800 meters to the bridge leading to Saint Lucia, which is reached along a paved road after 2 km. The Sostino section then continues towards Franca. After 5 km of cobbled road and passing the junction to Franca, you turn left for 600 meters until you reach the paved road that leads from Colfiorito to Capodacqua where is found the Church of the Madonna of Ricciano. Carry on for 160 meters towards Capodacqua then turn right to follow the path that leads to the ridge between Seggio and Forcatura (1.4 km.); at the intersection turn right onto a dirt road that leads, after 2.1 km, to the village of Forcatura. From there continue along asphalt for 3 km to the village of Colfiorito.