6. Montalto di Cessapalombo – Sarnano

Stage description

ROAD: 5,63 KM
TRACK: 10,17 KM
PATH: 4,2 KM

From Montalto Castle descend along the asphalt road to the village of Villa (1 km). From the center of Villa turn right on a slight uphill road that bends left after about 200 meters onto a dirt road that runs for about 2 km. You meet a downhill fork where you turn right for 600 meters to reach a square from which starts the trail to the Gole del Fiastrone and the Grotta dei Frati. To reach the Grotta dei Frati it is necessary to make a detour of about 10 minutes walk to then rejoin the path which zigzags steeply downhill to the banks of the Fiastrone river. Fording the river the path continues, climbing up the other side to the monastery cemetery and the Abbey of San Salvatore. Continue right on the paved road to the village of Monastero di Cessapalombo which you cross, merging onto a dirt road, now closed to car traffic, which  reaches the Convent of San Liberato situated halfway up the mountain (4.3 km). Leaving the convent on the left follow the tarmac road until you reach and proceed along the turn for Sarnano (800 meters). The path continues downwards on asphalt for 1.8 km until a path on the right leads to the village of Terro. You then turn left uphill onto a dirt road at the end of which (2.5 km.) begins a path that goes down 500 meters to emerge on a paved road that reaches the historical downtown center of Sarnano from the west after 1 km.