4. Muccia – Pievefavera

Stage description

ROAD: 5,02 KM
TRACK: 6,27 KM
PATH: 8,41 KM

From the center of Muccia you cross highway 77 to follow along the Via della Piane that crosses the village of Jupiter parallel to highway 77 and reaches the intersection with the main road to Visso (1.9 km.). Cross the main road and take the dirt road in front of you leading to the architectural wonder of Villa Maddalena; Then bear to the right to follow a 1.3 km path to arrive at the Monastery of St. Francis of Pievebovigliana. From here take the paved road until you reach and follow the path along the length of lake Polverina. Once in the village of Polverina follow the path on the right of the Chienti and then take the path on the right just before the bridge that leads to the village of San Giusto. Just past the cemetery you take the path that descends to the left and leads to a ford over the stream, beyond which you continue on a dirt road keeping to the right for about 1.2 km; you once again reach the valley floor along a dirt road which runs parallel to the freeway and thence back to the village of Valdiea. Cross the small village proceeding uphill and at the junction of dirt roads on the top turn left: after about 500 meters turn left again and take the path that crosses the dirt road that leads to the small village of Fiungo (2.1 km), then follow the path leading to the church of Madonna del Sasso and continue until you reach the hamlet of Valcimarra (3.1 km). From the village square you descend along the asphalt road for 100 meters and take a path that climbs steeply up to the right through a gravel olive grove until you reach the entrance to a dirt road that descends to the left and leads to Pievefavera (2.2 km).