Narni – Sangemini

Descrizione della tappa

For the entire way the route follows the beautiful countryside between Narni and Sangemini. Along the route you can visit first the beautiful tenth century Abbey of St. Cassiano (where time seems to stand still!) and then the ancient Sanctuary of the Madonna del Ponte, place of pilgrimage since ancient times. La Cerqua , a very small village, surrounds the Sanctuary of Santa Maria della Quercia (St. Mary of the Oak Tree). Sangemini, St. Peter’s birthplace, is an enchanting medieval village rich in history. The Church of St. Francis in Sangemini is our arrival point.

The trail is well marked and you can download gps coordinates from the website

Benedectine abbey of San Cassiano
Shrine and church of Santa Maria del Ponte ( St. Mary of the Bridge)
Church and Shrine of Santa Maria della Quercia (St. Mary of the Oak Tree)

San Gemini
Historic Centre
Abbey and church of San Nicolò
Church of San Francesco
Town Hall
Birthplace of the protomartyr Pietro De’ Bonanti
Church of San Carlo
“Guido Calori” Museum