Perugia – Assisi (Via Amerina)

Descrizione della tappa

From Perugia to Assisi (km 20)

Road suface: asphalt
Walking time: 5 hours
Level of difficulty: easy

If coming from the Via Francigena (Siena) or from Gubbio, the connection to Assisi will take you through Perugia instead of Valfabbrica. You can follow the same path of the classic “Peace March” established by Aldo Capitini in 1961 that kicks off from the Giardini del Frontone, exits Perugia from the Porta S. Costanzo and heads for Assisi through Ponte San Giovanni, Collestrada, Ospedalicchio, Bastiola. You can also follow the route of the “Via di Francesco” which is well signposted.

Starting from the Cathedral (Piazza IV Novembre) (1) turn right onto via Ulisse Rocchi and Piazza Piccinino, then downhill on Via Bontempi. Continue on Via del Duca which becomes Via del Carmine on turning left and then Via dell’Asilo, turn right on Via Dal Pozzo for about 1800 meters, you can admire the templar Convent of St. Bevignate (2). Once at the New Cemetery (3), turn right on Strada di Montevile. Continuing on this road reach Ponte San Giovanni near the Ponte Vecchio (the Old Bridge) (4) and cross it. If, however, you want to go to the Hostel of Pieve di Campo, once you have taken Strada di Montevile, you must turn right on Via Valiano and then turn left. From Pieve di Campo take the railway underpass on the right and then take Via Manzoni on your left in the direction of Via Bixio. At the second roundabout go along Via Ponte Vecchio (4). Cross the bridge over the Tiber then go left along Via della Valtiera that runs along highway E45. Take the first underpass on the right and turn left onto Strada Ospedalone St. Francesco that leads to Collestrada (5), Centrale Umbran Road, then turn left on SR147, underpass the E45, then right and all straight to Assisi. From Collestrada to Assisi there is no need for special instructions because you can see the Basilica of San Francesco of Assisi, in plain view from the road.
If you want to avoid the asphalt road, there is an alternative footpath slightly longer, easy to detect along the road. However, once you arrive at Ponte San Vittorino (6) (on the left there is a hotel restaurant by the same name), head towards Piaggia San Francesco, with signs of the Cammino della Luce, taking a narrow road that climbs to Porta St. Pietro (7) and from here after 200 mt you arrive at the Convento and Basilica of St. Francis (8).

From Assisi to Perugia (km 20)

From the Porta S. Pietro (7), take to the right, down Piaggia San Francesco up to ponte San Vittorino (6), continue on SR147 to Collestrada (5). Take the underpass of the E45 on the left, then right on Strada Centrale Umbra and Ospedalone St. Francesco; again cross the E45 with the underpass on the left, then take Via della Valtiera that runs along the E45 to Ponte Vecchio (4), a bidge on the Tiber. Cross the river, then if you want to go to Pieve di Campo turn left on via Bixio, follow via Manzoni and the railway underpass on the right. From Pieve di Campo take via Valiano until you reach Strada di Montevile, continuing up to the New Cemetery and then Via Dal Pozzo (3) that will take you to the historical center of Perugia. If you do not intend to pass by Pieve di Campo, after crossing Ponte Vecchio (4) at the roundabout turn left into Via Ponte Vecchio, then the first right on Strada di Montevile continuing after the New Cemetery along Via Dal Pozzo (3) to the historical center of Perugia. (2-1)