Sangemini – Cesi

Descrizione della tappa

Challenging path due to the difficult ascent to the Hermitage of Portaria, also known as the Romita, in Cesi and subsequent descent towards Cesi. Along the way it is possible to visit the wonderful archaeological site of Carsulae, a very important ancient Roman city. We reach the Romita, an ancient franciscan Hermitage, deep in the lush green of the forest. Saint Francis of Assisi, who used to pray here, had the monastery built in 1213. It is believed that here St. Francis composed the Exhortatio ad laudem Dei, a religious canticle, considered as an early version of Cantico di Frate Sole (Canticle of the Sun). Possibility of accommodation. The village of Cesi, overlooking the Terni basin, is rich in history. The Church of Santa Maria Assunta is our arrival point.

The trail is well marked, but you can download gps coordinates from the website

Historic Centre
Church of Sant’Angelo
Church of Santa Maria Assunta
Hermitage of Portaria known as Romita and Monastery of Cesi
Church of San Damiano
Archaeological site of Carsulae