Stroncone – Calvi dell’Umbria

Descrizione della tappa

Challenging path due to the ups and downs of the hills and to a high mountain pass towards Calvi dell’Umbria. Pleasant walking through natural surroundings in which to enjoy marvelous landscapes. Just after Aguzzo, the village of St. Accursio, Franciscan protomartyr, the route leads to the Hermitage of St. Urban called the Sacred Hermitage where St. Francis, during his stay, turned water into wine. For this reason, the poor of Assisi renamed this place the ”Umbrian Cana”. In Calvi dell’Umbria, at the little town of St. Berardo, our walk comes to an end. Here we can admire a monumental earthenware Nativity of standing figures of the 16th century attributed to Giacomo and Raffaele from Montereale. The Church of St. Maria Assunta is our arrival point.
The trail is well marked and you can download gps coordinates from the website

Birthplace of Protomartyr Saint Accursio

Calvi dell’Umbria
Historic Centre
Birthplace of Protomartyr Saint Berardo de’ Leopardi
Church of the Trinità ( Holy Trinity)
Church of San Francesco
Church of Santa Maria Assunta
Church of Santa Brigida and Museum of the Orsoline Convent