Terni – Stroncone

Descrizione della tappa

Challenging path due to the ups and downs of the hills surrounding Terni. The pilgrimage takes place surrounded by natural scenery . The Church of Santa Maria della Pace ( St. Mary of Peace) enshrines a cycle of paintings by Stefano di Stasio devoted to the Franciscan Proto-martyrs. The trail takes us past the evocative ruins of the Benedictine Abbey of San Benedetto (St. Benedict) in Fundis and the Monastery of San Simeone (St. Simeon) occupied today by the religious community of the Ricostruttori nella Preghiera; these sites enrich the landscape and the gorgeous natural beauty of the hills. Stroncone, St.Ottone’s birthplace is one of the most charming medieval villages of this area. The thirteenth century Convent of San Francesco (St. Francis) is our arrival point.
The trail is well marked and you can download gps coordinates from the website www.camminoprotomartiri.it

Historic Centre
Town Hall
Monastery of San Francesco
Monastery of San Simeone
Abbey of San Benedetto in Fundis
Church of the Madonna della Neve
Church of the Madonna del Tresto
Church of San Michele Arcangelo
Church of San Nicolò
Oratory of San Giovanni Decollato
Birthplace of Protomartyr Sant’Ottone