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n 2010, the Umbria and Francesco’s Ways Consortium was formed: a new cooperative industry alliance dedicated to Saint Francis’ Way and conceived as part of a Regional co-financed project. Made up of one hundred hospitality, food and services businesses located along the route of Saint Francis’ Way, the Consortium is dedicated to both promotion and sales, offering a number of travel packages tailored to specific categories of tourism, from pilgrims interested in a strictly religious or spiritual experience, to hikers, bikers, and travelers on horseback. The mission of the Consortium is to promote the region by marketing travel packages aimed at pilgrimage and religious tourism. The coordination of a number of accommodations, restaurants, and service providers along the route of Saint Francis’ Way ensures the possibility of offering a variety of packages which are both complete and diversified, able to satisfy assorted travel needs. The Consortium also aims to improve the image of the region by promoting the protection of the area while bettering the quality of the services provided. Through promotion and sales, the Consortium is a point of reference for the Umbrian religious tourism market for Italian and foreign tour operators. The objective of the Consortium is to guarantee visitors an unforgettable stay in Umbria, by providing all the support necessary for a spiritual jouney, a discovery of historic and artistic treasures, or simply a relaxing and authentic vacation. The strong ties binding the member businesses of the Consortium to the history of this region is a fondamental element enriching travelers’ visits: the rich local culture, the compelling religious sites and charming villages, the excellent food and wine. Along Saint Francis’ Way, each pilgrim can feel “at home” while, at the same time, living an unforgettable spiritual and human experience.
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