Saint Benedict’s Way from Orvinio to Subiaco


A journey into the heart of Italy, following in the footsteps of St. Benedict, starting from Orvinio and ending at Subiaco. A spectacular journey that will create intense emotions while you walk through the streets of the small and cozy villages of the Lucretili Mountains, arriving finally at the place where St. Benedict lived the formative part of his life.




SISTEMAZIONE: 3 nights in our specially selected overnight accommodation


PRICE: from  240 € per person


THE PRICE INCLUDES: 3 nights in half board, in rooms with a double bed


NOT INCLUDED: personal and luggage transfers, insurance


WE SUGGEST: wear comfortable clothing and hiking shoes. The pilgrims registered credentials will be supplied on request.





Arrival in Orvinio Orvinio, a pretty village in Lazio, ranks among the most beautiful in Italy. It is the highest town in the Lucretili Mountains Park and stands on a hill surrounding the imposing castle which formerly belonged to the estate of the Marchesi Malvezzi Campeggi. The encircling wall maintains its imposing appearance and encloses much of the old town, while inside the town proper its towers proudly interrupt the otherwise unbroken continuity of the crenelated walls. After a few more kilometers you can visit the church of the Madonna of Vallebona, founded in the twelfth century. Inside the shrine there are various paintings and frescoes by Vincenzo Manenti. From outside you can enjoy the magnificent view of the valley below. Accommodation is in one of our specialized facilities and includes dinner.


From Orvinio to Mandela - Km 20 - travel time 5-7 hours - challenging This magnificent mountain path runs for most of its course within the Regional Park of Monti Lucretili. This is a tiring stage but you will be rewarded by the fantastic views that last all the way to your arrival in Mandela. This small village, full of romantic squares and narrow streets, is a great place to experience nature, mountains and silence. At Mandela you can also visit the castle of the Marquis of Gallo dating back to Roman times, with its tower dating from 1100. Accommodation is in one of our specialized facilities and includes dinner.


From Mandela to Subiaco - Km 30 - travel time 6-8 hours - easy A simple yet at the same time emotive stage. It runs entirely along quiet streets with hardly any traffic. For those who so desire, this stage can be broken in Gerano, halfway between Mandela and Subiaco. The stage ends with the arrival at the village of Subiaco, which is an essential part of the Benedictine experience; a harmonious blend of spirituality, nature, history and art. Accommodation is in one of our specialized facilities and includes dinner.


DAY 4 Visit Subiaco Here you can admire the monastery of St. Benedict, which houses a cave, the "Sacro Speco," and the monastery of St. Scholastica, cradle of the Italian press. St. Benedict lived as a hermit near this village starting in the year 497 and lived for three years in a cave at Mount Taleo where he performed numerous miracles. Departure for the return.

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