2° leg: Citerna – Pietralunga (North itinerary) – bike

Stage description

Departure: Citerna
Arrival: Pietralunga
Distance: 46.3 km
Altitude change: 900 m
Difficulty: difficult
Terrain: asphalt road
Recommended bike: road or all-terrain

Km 0 Depart from the center of Citerna. Leave the historic center towards Città di Castello and follow the signage for “Via di Francesco” towards Assisi.
Km 0.4 At the intersection, keep right towards Città di Castello and, after 50 meters, turn right again downhill.
Km 2.3 At the intersection with the main road, turn left towards Città di Castello. Be careful of traffic. After 100 meters, ignore the signage for “Via di Francesco” and continue straight along the asphalt road.
Km 8 Lerchi, continue straight.
Km 10.9 Turn right towards Cortona, Trestina.
Km 13 At the intersection, turn left toward the center of Città di Castello and cross the bridge over the Tiber River.
Km 13.2 Turn right at the traffic light. Continue straight if you would like to visit the historic center of Città di Castello.
Km 13.8 Turn left at the intersection.
Km 14.5 At the second traffic light, turn right towards Apecchio and Fano.
Km 15.5 At the traffic circle, turn right towards the cemetary.
Km 15.9 At the traffic light, continue straight.
Km 18 Convento degli Zoccolanti. Continue straight towards Pietralunga on the SP 106.
Km 23.8 Continue straight, ignoring the signage on the right for “Via di Francesco”.
Km 24.1 Turn right towards Pieve dei Saddi. Climb begins with stretches steeper than 10%. Alternate to avoid the unpaved stretch: continue straight up steep climb, meeting back up with the route at Pietralunga for a total distance of about 50 kilometers.
Km 26.7 Continue left towards Pieve dei Saddi.
Km 29.8 At the crossroads, continue straight following the signage for “Via di Francesco”.
Km 30.6 At the intersection, turn right towards Pieve dei Saddi.
Km 31.5 Unpaved stretch begins. End of climb.
Km 32.1 Continue straight.
Km 33.8 Begin descent, being careful.
Km 35 At the crossroads, continue downhill following the signage for Pietralunga. Unpaved stretch ends.
Km 35.5 Pieve dei Saddi. Continue straight downhill. Rough stretch.
Km 37 Continue, keeping left. Beginning of climb.
Km 37.6 End of climb. Continue straight following signage for “Via Francigena di San Francesco”.
Km 40.3 At the intersection, turn left towards Pietralunga. End of descent.
Km 43.5 At the intersection, continue straight towards Pietralunga.
Km 44 At the intersection, take the first right and follow the signage for “Via di Francesco”. For those with a road bike, avoid the unpaved 100 meters by continuing straight along the main road to arrive beneath Pietralunga.
KM 45.2 After 100 meters of unpaved road, turn left at the intersection with the main road.
KM 45.5 Turn right towards the center of Pietralunga. Beginning of climb.
KM 46.2 Pietralunga. End of leg.