6° leg: Trevi – Assisi – (South itinerary) – bike

Stage description

Departure: Trevi
Arrival: Assisi (Piazza Inferiore di San Francesco)
Distance: 36.5 km
Altitude change: 440 m
Difficulty: easy-medium
Terrain: asphalt road
Recommended bike: road or all-terrain

Km 0 Depart from Piazza Garibaldi. Descend along Via delle Fonti following the signage for “Via di Francesco”.
Km 0.4 At the bottom of the steepest stretch, turn left. Keep left along the road, ignoring the signage on the right for “Via di Francesco”.
Km 0.7 Continue following the road you are on.
Km 3.2 End of descent. At the intersection, turn left towards Spoleto, then immediately right towards Borgo Trevi. Turn left again towards Montefalco, keeping watch for traffic.
Km 3.7 At the traffic circle, continue right towards Montefalco and then cross a bridge.
Km 4.7 At the fork, continue towards Montefalco.
Km 4.8 Before the bridge spanning the river, turn right. After 100 meters, climb the bank to meet up with the bike path to the left.
Km 8.6 Leave the bike path, turning left towards Turri. Pass two bridges, then pick up the bike path again on the right.
Km 10.1 Leave the bike path, turning right across the bridge. Continue to the left.
Km 10.7 Turn right towards Foligno, crossing Casevecchie.
Km 11.8 Continue straight towards Foligno.
Km 12.2 Keep right towards Sterpete.
Km 13.8 Sterpete. Continue straight.
Km 15.6 Foligno. At the traffic light, turn left and then follow the one-way street. Caution: heavy traffic.
Km 16 At the intersection with the traffic light, turn left and then continue straight. From this point on, use the bike lane when possible.
Km 16.6 Continue to the right towards the “stazione” train station. Continue straight if you wish to visit the center of Foligno.
Km 17 Continue to the right towards Perugia.
Km 17.7 Continue straight towards Perugia.
Km 18.2 Turn right towards Perugia.
Km 19.3 Turn left towards San Sebastiano. After 100 meters, continue left towards Spello.
Km 23.3 Spello. At the traffic circle, continue straight and enter the historic center. Beginning of climb.
Km 23.8 Piazza della Repubblica. Continue straight on Via Garibaldi and then follow the one-way roads. There are a number of water fountains in the center.
Km 24.5 Exit from the Porta Montanara city gate, continuing straight. Keep left, passing the uphill road. End of climb.
Km 24.8 Turn right on Via degli Ulivi.
Km 27 Continue straight.
Km 27.7 Continue straight.
Km 28.3 At the intersection, continue straight. You will begin to see Santa Maria degli Angeli and the Chiesa di Rivotorto on the left.
Km 31 San Vitale. At the intersection with the main road, continue straight towards Assisi. Turn left if you would like to pass through Rivotorto and Santa Maria degli Angeli.
Km 33.9 At the traffic circle, continue straight towards Assisi.
Km 34.1 Continue straight if you’d like to enter the historic center passing the Basilica of Santa Chiara. Otherwise, continue right to reach the upper part of Assisi.
Km 35 At Piazza Matteotti, turn left on Via del Torrione towards the center and the Basilica di San Francesco.
Km 35.5 Piazza del Comune. Continue along Via Portica to the right.
Km 36.5 Piazza Inferiore and Basilica di San Francesco. End of leg.