Calvi dell’Umbria – Narni

Descrizione della tappa

Path with flat stretches but made difficult both by the length and the many ups and downs of the hills. This is definitely the richest path of highly spiritual places of faith of our pilgrimage. It starts with the Church of St. Michele Arcangelo ( Michael Arcangel) , an old Benedictine Abbey in Schifanoia and continues with the ancient Roman Church of St. Pudenziana and the church of St. Angelo in Massa, originally a Benedictine abbey, and finishes with the impressive Albornoz Fortress in Narni, the land of St. Adiuto. Narni is a marvelous medieval town with stunning treasures, famous for the magnificent cathedral and for the “ Race to the Ring”, a festival dedicated to the Patron Saint Giovenale (St. Juvenal). The thirteenth century Church of St. Francis is our arrival point.
The trail is well marked and you can download gps coordinates from the website

Church of Sant’Angelo in Massa
Church of Santa Pudenziana
Church of San Michele Arcangelo
Historic Centre
Civic Museum
Cathedral of San Giovenale
Narni Underground
Albornoz Fortress
Ancient Roman Bridge of Augustus
Birthplace of the protomartyrs Adiuto and Accursio
Church of San Francesco