1. Assisi – Foligno

Stage description

We start from the Basilica of San Francesco and cross the historical center of Assisi to exit at Porta Nuova. Continuing downhill for about 400 meters on the Via Madonna of the Olive grove we then turn left into the Via San Benedetto. After 1300 meters the path joins that of the Via Fosso of Prisons, Via Borghettaccio  and Via Fonte l’Abate. The flat track follows the borders of the Mount Subasio Park, offering a panoramic view of the valley below. After about 3 km the descent begins: you make a sharp right turn and after 170 meters make a left turn. After a wide curve to the left, with the village of Collicello on your right, you reach a junction of dirt roads; take a tight turn to the right and then immediately take the little road that goes down to the left – Via Renaro – until you cross a paved road that you will follow for about 300 meters then turn left onto the dirt road that, after 1.3 km, crosses the Way of Olives .The road flattens out once more and goes through ancient olive groves until, after 3 km it reaches the town of Spello. Crossing the old town, you get to the exit at the Porta Consolare gate and turn left on to the Via Consular; after 200 meters turn right onto the Via Giacomo Brodolini and after about 1 km follow the Via Spineto to the underpass of the Assisi-Foligno motorway (2.7 km.) You follow the Via Firenze, one of the main arteries of the city of Foligno, proceeding towards the city center for 1.8 km until you cross the bridge over the river Topino.